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Bourbon Hunting – Bottle evaluation guidelines

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In case you haven’t noticed, bourbon has become big business over the past several years with some bottles being valued at astronomical amounts. It seems every few days I am asked to evaluate and approximate the value of a bottle of whiskey. They are either bottles from a private collection, something a “friend” found, or […]

Manners, courtesy and being a gentleman

My Philosophy

Let me start by saying thank you to my Mom, Dad and my Grandparents! You raised me and taught me many things and although I am grateful for many of the life lessons (granted I still don’t understand all of them), instilling a sense of courtesy and manners has to be the best. My never-ending […]

Dear FDA, Dr House calling…people lie!

Marketing My Philosophy

For many years I have been fortunate to work in industries which I greatly enjoy….these include chocolate, alcohol, gambling and tobacco.  In full disclosure, I agree, three out of four of these should be regulated and advertising should be measured so that underage persons are properly informed of risks associated with them.

Top 10 fictional presidents of all time

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It’s another election year here in the U.S. and it seems we’re once again stuck with voting for the best of the worst or whomever stays standing or has enough cash to keep advertising and talking.  So, I thought I’d put together a list of fictional (TV/big screen) presidents whom I would vote for, if […]

The day my son changed the world

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We’ve all heard it before and those of us who are blessed with children, nieces and nephews have perhaps even told them once or twice; you can do anything and accomplish anything if you just put your mind to it and work hard.  Somewhere along the way as adults have we forgotten this or just […]

American, fast becoming the land of mediocrity

My Philosophy

Over the past twenty years I’ve sat back and watched America become the politically correct society. An overwhelming acceptance of mediocrity and although the most powerful economic and military force the world has ever seen American has developed a steadfast policy both home and abroad of “please, don’t let me say anything that might piss you off”.

Oh to be 16, in Paris and on drugs

My Philosophy

Have you ever noticed how many anti-depressants there are on the market? No, seriously, there have to be fifty and that’s an understatement. Now here’s the $64,000 dollar question, why? What purposes do they all serve? To keep us all happy maybe?

History of Stupid People

My Philosophy

The history of the stupid people is as long and rich as any race or culture that exists on earth. Their influence can be found in nearly every ancient and modern civilization. Yet, unlike many peoples that have adapted and evolved in response to external and internal influences over the centuries, the stupid people have […]