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Recursive .htaccess redirects

Coding Internet

Recently I came across a request on Twitter for an effective means to update the .htaccess file to redirect all pages to a new domain without having to update for all subdirectories.  Here are a couple choices which can be easily placed in the root .htaccess file. OPTION 1 (this does not need the RewriteEngine […]

What’s in a domain name?

Internet Marketing Search (SEO SEM

With the recent announcement from ICANN of the release of potentially new domain extensions beyond the existing (com, net, org, edu, etc.) we have to wonder what is the value to businesses to obtain them?  Many of our clients have significant investments in their domain names and at first glance, this new “opportunity” from ICANN […]

The value of sweepstakes versus a contest

Internet Marketing

For many brands it is often a common tactic to utilize a sweepstakes or contest to engage consumers and grow their marketing database.  Often, we find ourselves discussing with clients the advantages and disadvantages of both of these tactics when growing and engaging their consumers.  Here’s a brief summary

Future of search

Internet Marketing SEM

Recently I responded to a question on LinkedIn regarding the future of search; SEO boon or a Ban – Is SEO a boon are ban in this internet marketing world? Will SEO exist in 2015? In response, I think the better question is, what will the internet, mobile web and connected devices be like or be […]

Five ways of improving a web site design for free

Internet Marketing

Recently I decided to answer a question on LinkedIn, “What are 5 ways to improve a web site design for free?”  Typically, these are the types of questions I avoid for a variety of reasons however I this to be an interesting opportunity to get past the ordinary technical responses.